Adolescents and Young Adults

Adolescence can be a time of opportunity and growth as well as family strain and upheaval. Some parents seem to navigate this period with minimal stress, but most do not.  As parents, you have invested a lot of love into your young person and you want them to discover their God given potential.  The key to flourishing during the turbulent years of adolescence is knowing WHAT is Normal? What should I be worrying about and when do I intervene? How does my role as a parent shift and change?

Getting inside the mindset of a teen often helps parents determine what boundaries are needed, as well as the kind of support system they must strive to provide.  Understanding your teen’s perspective  can help you relate to him/her in a way that can help you both grow together.

Teen counseling is a tool you can use to help your teen grow up strong and confident. It’s another way to see your challenges objectively and gain useful feedback.