Anthony Cravaritis MA, LMHC

Anthony grew up in a large family with an identical twin brother with whom he has a lot of fond memories. His parents divorced when he was eight and by the age of ten both of his parents remarried. Throughout this time, he struggled in school and wrestling to accept the fact that he had a learning disability. During Junior High, he worked as a volunteer camp counselor and began attending a youth group. This youth group was the beginning of his relationship with God. Each of these events were significant and shaped him into the person he is today. His struggles growing up gave him a passion for helping others and sparked his interest in counseling. Understanding these events and the highs and lows they created led him to pursue a career in a helping profession.

In 1995, shortly after graduating from college with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, Anthony started counseling at an intensive, residential wilderness camp for court-ordered teens. In addition, he has worked with adolescents and families with kids at high risk of being removed from their home or school system because of their behavior. He spent two years as a youth pastor helping deal with emotional and spiritual issues of the teens and parents in his congregation. He left his pastoral position to pursue a Master of Arts in Counseling and in 2007 earned a degree from Reformed Theological Seminary. Today, he counsels all types of clients and specializes in working with adolescents and men, leading groups and men’s retreats.

Anthony has been married since 2003 and has two daughters. He loves spending time in the outdoors canoeing and camping. His favorite outdoor activities include soccer, volleyball as well as time at the beach. It is hard to capture his wife in one sentence. But, she has been a wonderful support and blessing to him in all that he does.

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