Aubrey Hutchings, LMHC

Aubrey enjoys working with couples, helping them develop healthy and strong relationships.  In 2007 she developed a 13 week marriage preparation program which she lead and coordinated for four years at Summit Church , working with hundreds of couples.   Aubrey continues to work with couples as they embark on their journey towards marriage and the years which follow.  She believes people are made to do life together, which can bring great joy and pain. She understands that a great marriage takes work, commitment and desire. Whether you are preparing for your marriage, wanting to enrich your marriage or are in need of help in the midst of a painful time in your relationship, Aubrey will come along side you and offer you the support and guidance you desire.

In addition to couples counseling and relationship counseling, Aubrey also has years of experience teaching life skills to young adult.  She offers groups which assist high school and college students to prepare for independent living, teaching on topics such as budgeting, time management, organization, and career development/job interview skills. Aubrey worked for a one of the top life skills programs in the country for 8 years as their program manager.

Contact Aubrey at (407) 900-3218 or at