Family Counseling

Family Therapy sees the family as a whole; a system. Any number of stresses can impact that system and cause dysfunction or conflict. Family therapy provides a way for the family to adjust to stresses, old or new, and to learn new ways to communicate and function.

Stresses to the family can be caused by many changes, including:

  • Blended Family
  • New Baby
  • Death in Family
  • Shift in Family Structure
  • Parenting Issues
  • Divorce
  • Major Illness

A family is not static. Children grow up and move away, parents split up and remarry, and outside stressors like job loss or medical issues can create change and flux in a family’s life. Adjusting to these difficulties and doing so in a healthy way can be challenging and sometimes lead to further stress and chaos.Family therapy is a form of therapy that sees the whole family as “the client.”

Family therapy works with the family as a system, much like a team, and focuses on finding out where the team is strong and where it needs strengthening.  Often parents are fearful of seeing a family therapist because they worry they will be seen as “bad parents” or will be judged by the therapist.  This is not a place to judge and ridicule but a place to come together to learn and heal.

Family therapy can help give a voice to each family member and can heal relationships that are broken within the family as well as equalize responsibility so that no one is being labeled as “the problem.” Family therapy can help empower parents who feel they have lost control of their children and can help them become empowered with empathy and love instead of anger and control.

If your family is struggling, you don’t have to wait for a complete system breakdown.  Give us a call so we can begin to help you and your family reconnect, heal and create healthy communication patterns and boundaries.