Mark Bishop, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Mark is passionate about community and connection with people. After beginning his career as a computer programmer he decided to pursue relationship over technology. He enjoys working with clients who struggle with addiction to video games, compulsive internet use, isolation, depression and anxiety. He has experience leading groups focusing on bereavement, trauma and pornography addiction and desires to see people struggle well to live in community with each other.

Between various volunteer positions with college and youth ministry and working as a high school tutor, Mark has years of experience working with students at the college and high school levels. He enjoys helping young people find directions and identity in their transition into adulthood.

In high school Mark struggled with bullies, social isolation and escaping from his life circumstances in games. Now Mark has come to believe that authentic human connection is deeply important to the process of working well through these difficult issues.

Mark enjoys working on programming projects in his spare time, playing games with friends, exploring the outdoors, and cooking.

Contact Mark at 407-603-7296 or