Rebecca Rome, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Rebecca worked full time in youth ministry for two years. Her study of psychology and her work with adolescents and their families in summer camp, school and local church settings helped deepen her desire to help others through professional counseling.  She attended Covenant Seminary to earn her Master’s degree in Counseling in Saint Louis, Missouri. Since graduating in 2014, Rebecca has met with clients in home, school/community and outpatient settings. She has a passion for helping couples and families experience healing and growth in their relationships. Rebecca enjoys working with tweens and adolescents as they experience life transitions, ask big questions about life, and process their stories.

I believe that the experiences and relationships we have encountered throughout our lives have contributed to both the development of our strengths and the complexity of our current problems. As we explore together the problem that brought you into counseling, I will work with you to help you celebrate and grieve both the joyful and painful experiences and relationships which you have encountered throughout your life story. It is my hope that through our therapeutic relationship you will begin to feel understood and experience growth, healing, and change.”

Rebecca’s counseling interest include anxiety, depression, grief/loss, life transitions, spirituality/religious issues, vocational counseling, social issues, working with tweens and adolescents, couples therapy, and family/parenting issues.

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